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 The Airplane: “Unfinished Business” is a Sorensen BF9-2 Phantom biplane, and is the only one of its kind in the world. Reminiscent of airplanes from the Golden Age of Aviation, when airplanes were hand-crafted for their aesthetics as well as function, it is a beautifully designed muscle biplane, with its large round cowling covering its 360HP supercharged radial engine, huge three-blade propeller, its open cockpit set far back in the fuselage, and its large muscular wheel pants, it has the look, sound, and performance of those Golden Age airplanes from the past. “Unfinished Business” was 100% designed, built, tested, and flown in airshows by Danny Sorensen, and is always a crowd favorite.

 The Pilot: Danny Sorensen is a second-generation pilot, who began flying aerobatics as a student pilot while still in high school. More than half of his flight time has been in high-performance biplanes. He holds a Level 1 Statement of Aerobatic Competency.           “It's all about entertaining the crowd, and inviting them to feel a part of the show. When I visit with spectators at the show, I want them to leave feeling better about themselves than when they came.”

 The Performance: “Unfinished Business” is flown through a seamless surface-level repertoire of classic aerobatic maneuvers, up close and personal, with lots of smoke and noise, ending with a low inverted “Silk Scarf Wave”. Accompanied by beautiful music, the narration tells the story of a young boy in love with aviation, and his quest to fulfill a life-long dream.

 The Model: At each airshow Danny flies he gives away one hand-crafted, autographed model of “Unfinished Business”, selecting a young boy or girl who seems to have that look in their eyes that says they love airplanes. Engraved across the upper wing is the inscription: “Just because something is hard doesn't mean I can't do it!” The purpose of the model and the inscription is to inspire youth to realize that with hard work and dedication, they can accomplish anything they choose to do. If logistics permit, the  youth is invited to visit the airplane and get a little cockpit time, and get some pictures taken. That child and their family will remember your airshow as the best one they ever attended!


           Contact: Danny Sorensen    Cell:801-726-2255     Email: danny@goldenageairshows.com  

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