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  Safety – 100% safety record, due to comprehensive aircraft maintenance, aerobatic practice, pilot currency, and strict adherence to safety rules

  Entertainment – One-of-a-kind biplane – Classic aerobatic maneuvers – Lots of smoke and noise – Level 1: No altitude restrictions - Up close and personal

   Price – Affordable performance and mileage fees – No hidden surprises

  Reliability – Never missed a show for any reasons - Prompt response to requests from event organizers – Always on time for the briefing/performance - The airplane is always readied early so that we can fly ahead of schedule if requested

  Variety – Refreshing change from the monoplanes – Unique even among biplanes

   Personality – Thirty year career firefighter/captain (retired) – Youth Leader – BSA merit badge counselor – Speak to youth or other groups about aviation, becoming a pilot, designing and building “Unfinished Business”, accomplishing difficult things

  Experience – Flying aerobatics since a teenager – Flying airshows since the early 1980's – Extensive experience flying high density altitude airshows – Sixteen seasons Level 1

  Recommendations – Available on request

  Visibility – On the ground with the airplane, visiting with spectators, media, etc.

  Media/PR Interviews – Live telephone interviews before show day – Local radio/TV interviews at the show – Early AM interviews no problem (always up early)

  Sign Autographs – We bring autograph cards to give away at the signing booth

  Added Value: 1) Circle the skydivers – 2) Race the jet car/truck (can a radial engine biplane with a 270 feet/second head start, beat a vehicle that accelerates  from 0-300 MPH in five seconds?) - 3) Model airplane give-away to a youth age 5-12

  Promo Video – See our website – Click “Gallery” icon

Contact: Danny Sorensen    Cell:801-726-2255            Email: danny@goldenageairshows.com